FarStone unique factory partition & settings backup and cloning technology

DriveClone v10 (or later editions) will clone the original factory recovery partition

Total Backup Recovery v10 (or later editions) will backup and restore the original factory recovery partition

With FarStone unique factory parition backup and cloning technology. Factory restore points in Recovery Partition will be preserved and be available after a complete hard drive image restoration with Total Backup Recovery v10 (or later editions). The cloned drive created by DriveClone v10 (or later) will have the PC recovery partition created. This is an unique and unparalleled feature. Detailed factory restore procedure as follows:

If your computer was shut down abnormally, it will automatically boot into the Windows System Repair on next startup, please choose Troubleshoot
– Reset your PC thereafter.

If your computer can boot into Windows, please follow below steps to enter factory restore: select Settings, and then Change PC settings, next Update
an Recovery. Alternatively, choose General, next Recovery, and then Advanced startup, subsequently Restart Now, and your PC will restart into
Repair interface, please select Troubleshoot – Reset your PC there.

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