How to set bootable hard drive for UEFI computer?

The article will show you how to set the boot option for an EFI/UEFI PC.

You may need to configure the boot option for EFI/UEFI computers if you have migrate your system with a new hard disk or to another UEFI computer. For example, you have restored the recovery image to another computer with TotalRecovery, or you have migrated to a new hard disk with DriveClone.

There are 2 options for changing EFI/UEFI boot

1. Use UEFI PC manufacturer's tool:
Most recent computers have the feature built in their BIOS. Please refer to your computer manual for details. The easiest way is using your computer BIOS option to set the bootable drive if your PC has the feature in the BIOS.

2. If your PC doesn't have the feature, you can use any of the following products:

FarStone Backup Recovery products support EFI/UEFI computers, including

What is an UEFI/EFI computer?

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