What is the easiest way to migrate from an old PC to a new PC

How to move my hard drive to another PC?

How to migrate my data and Windows to another new PC?

The easiest way to upgrade my files and data to another PC?

DriveClone supports universal boot drive. Universal Boot Drive is an advanced technology that configures the disk (either HDD or SSD) in universal bootable format. Users are able to use the Universal Cloned disk to boot on original or other dissimilar computers. Which is convenient for users to use the cloned hard drive or SSD in following circumstances:

  • 1. Replace the original hard drive with a new drive.
  • 2. Upgrade a hard drive with a SSD drive
  • 3. Migrate old PC to a new PC
  • 4. Keep the cloned drive as a perfect backup for future 0 time disaster recovery.

DriveClone is the easiest way to migrate everything, including your personal data, applications, favorites and Windows to the new PC. Just connect a the new hard drive to your current PC with USB enclosure to directly to the mother board. DriveClone will clone everything to the new hard drive in a "universal boot" format. Universal Boot Drive enables the disk immediately bootable on original and dissimilar computer systems.

Universal Cloning feature is included in the following FarStone products

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