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  • Overview

    FarStone has over 20 years of experience developing OEM PC factory recovery, disk imaging, server backup, data protection, snapshot solution, and custoized software. We have formed long-term partnerships with renown OEMs, system builders, software publishers, and Internet Service Providers.

    Major technology corporations such as Intel, Trend Micro, ASUS and AOL have incorporated FarStone solutions into:

    • PC and laptop OEM manufacturer, motherboards & graphics cards
    • Re-licensed PC backup & disaster recovery and disk imaging software
    • Security suites
    • Bundled software OEM and services

    Types of FarStone OEM/ODM:

    FarStone PC backup and disk imaging products can be:

    FarStone OEM Products

    DriveClone System Recovery

    Drive Clone System Recovery (DCSR) provides OEM PC factory recovery solution for PC/laptop manufacturers and PC system builders. Drive Clone System Recovery clones/imaging an entire system, including the operating system, drivers, and all applications in a hidden partition for restoration to original factory settings. Users can restore their systems to an OEM original factory configuration with the simple touch of a hotkey, or a Recovery CD/DVD. view DriveClone System Recovery ...

    DriveClone hard disk cloning software

    DriveClone provides disk cloning/copy solution for hard disk, SSD, USB hard drive manufacturers and PC system builders. DriveClone makes an exact copy of your hard drive/SSD/flash, including system settings and partition information. DriveClone completely copy/clone all files, applications and Windows system to another disk with automatic partition resizing. View DriveClone ...

    RestoreIT Instant Recovery Solution

    RestoreIT provides our OEM customer a safetynet solution. RestoreIT allows you to go back in time to where your Windows was working properly for quick, painless, and accurate Windows restoration. RestoreIT enables you to instantly recover files, applications, settings and Windows by a snapshot. view RestoreIT ...

    Total Recovery PC/Server backup and recovery software

    FarStone’s flagship product has earned multiple patents. It offers automatic, ongoing backup, pre-Windows system restoration, and file-level recovery of select personal files without affecting other files on a system. A completely modular, flexible product, Total Recovery Pro can be implemented in a wide variety of ways. view Total Backup Recovery

    VirtualDrive CD/DVD emulation

    VirtualDrive is a CD/DVD emulator is great for PC without CD/DVD, such as Ultrabook & netbook. VirtualDrive converts a CD/DVD/Blu-ray or unencrypted DVD into an virtual CD/DVD file that runs in any one of up to 23 virtual CD-ROM drives directly on a computer hard disk. Playback is up to 200 times faster and original CD/DVD physical discs are protected from loss, theft, and damage. view VirtualDrive ...

    Selected FarStone Successful OEMs

    Motherboard Manufacturers

    Intel bundles either lite or full versions of RestoreIT and VirtualDrive with its Extreme, Media, Executive, Classic and Essential series desktop motherboards.

    “RestoreIT... is an excellent product that can protect our customers’ systems and help reduce their support costs.”
    — Joel Christensen, Intel Desktop Platform Solutions Division

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    Graphics Cards

    Microgistix includes GameDrive in all models of BFG’s graphics cards, including the Ge-Force MX4000 and the high-end GeForce 7800 GTX gaming card. These Microgistix bundles can be found at Wal-Mart stores.

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    Hard Drive & Storage

    Plextor bundles Special Edition (SE) versions of FarStone’s RestoreIT 7 and VirtualDrive 10 products with their CD/DVD optical and hard disk drives, and makes them available to distributors and resellers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

    “Our strategy is to offer value, quality, reliability and usability to our customers with our products. By bundling FarStone with our products we meet these expectations for our customers.”

    — Rudy De Meirsman, Sales and Marketing Manager, Plextor Europe.

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    Ultrabook/Tablet PC

    InterVideo licenses VirtualDrive with their WinDVD software, which ships on Lenovo’s ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC.

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    Motion and Electrovaya also bundle VirtualDrive with their Tablet PCs.

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