FarStone Software Republishing & Rebranding

Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business line?

FarStone offers data backup and system recovery, PC OEM factoryrecovery, hard disk/SSD cloning, CD/DVD emulation, and data archiving solutions offering benefits to national and international partners & distributors.

FarStone’s RestoreIT®, VirtualDrive Pro®, DriveClone and TotalRecovery Pro are award winning and top reviewed software that can be licensed in a variety of ways and delivered as:

  • Rebranded versions under partners' and distributors brand names
  • Time-limited evaluation versions
  • Lite versions limited of certain features
  • Software development kits for software integration

FarStone can provide you with products localized to your language requirements, and customized graphical user interfaces (GUIs) branded with your company logo and color palette.

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