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InterVideo Bundles VirtualDrive® 9 with WinDVD®

Licensing agreement bundles the popular FarStone CD emulator with InterVideo’s award-winning DVD playback software

Irvine, CA — July 19, 2005 — FarStone Technology, a developer of disk imaging and CD/DVD emulation utilities, and InterVideo, a leader in digital media technology, have jointly announced an agreement to incorporate FarStone’s VirtualDrive 9 CD emulator with InterVideo WinDVD.

InterVideo will offer VirtualDrive 9 Special Edition with its award-winning DVD playback software, adding virtual CD/DVD capabilities. WinDVD, the world’s leading DVD playback software, features enhanced video format and next-generation surround sound. WinDVD is a universal player with support for more video and audio formats than any other application.

InterVideo will make the bundled product available in 22 different languages; the multi-year, worldwide licensing agreement includes future VirtualDrive releases.

“As digital content and entertainment converge with the home and mobile PC market, demand is increasing for high-performance, high-speed multimedia that is flexible, powerful and affordable,” said William Wang, vice president of worldwide sales for InterVideo. “FarStone helps us meet these requirements.”

About VirtualDrive 9

VirtualDrive 9 emulates a computer’s physical CD/DVD-ROM drive, allowing users to run disc-based applications without having to insert the application disc in a CD/DVD-ROM drive. A virtual CD plays directly on the hard drive and has response times up to 200 times faster than a physical CD. Users can create multiple virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and virtual CDs (VCDs), and easily catalog their VCD libraries.

VirtualDrive, also available in a network version, is an ideal disc management solution for gamers on the go, libraries, parents with small children, and businesses that share disc-based applications.

About InterVideo

InterVideo is a leading provider of DVD software. InterVideo has developed a platform from which it offers a suite of integrated multimedia software products that capture, edit, author, burn, distribute, and play digital video. The company is headquartered in Fremont, CA with regional offices in Europe, Taiwan, China and Japan. For more information, please contact InterVideo at (510) 651-0888, or visit the company’s web site at www.intervideo.com.

InterVideo Media Contact
Joanna DeKlavon
InterVideo, Inc.
(510) 651-0888 Ext. 121

About FarStone

Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology develops data backup, hard disk imaging, and CD emulation software. FarStone is an ISO 9001 certified software publisher holding multiple technology patents. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company licenses its software to corporations, small businesses, educational institutions and consumers worldwide. FarStone’s technology partners include Intel, NEC, Phoenix Technologies and Toshiba.

Media Contact
Bob Menzies
Lages & Associates