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FarStone Partners with Plextor, Belgium

Deal delivers FarStone software on Plextor hardware devices to European customers

IRVINE, CA — April 4, 2006 — FarStone Technology, developer of data backup, hard drive imaging, and CD emulation software, has formed a partnership with Plextor to deliver FarStone’s RestoreIT® 7 and VirtualDrive® 10 to software distributors and resellers in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Plextor, an international manufacturer of recording equipment, will bundle Special Edition (SE) versions of RestoreIT 7 data backup utility and VirtualDrive 10 CD emulator with their CD-DVD optical drive and hard disk drive products. Retail packaging includes a comprehensive range of full and trial software. Plextor customers include distributors and resellers.

“Our strategy is to offer value, quality, reliability and usability to our customers. By bundling FarStone software with our products we help meet these expectations,” said Rudy De Meirsman, Sales and Marketing Manager for Plextor Europe.

Tom Fedro, Executive Vice President of FarStone said, “I’m happy to announce our new partnership with Plextor because it delivers FarStone’s flagship software titles to a growing market for data recovery and CD management tools. Plextor’s extensive distribution network allows FarStone to expand its business in new areas.”

About RestoreIT 7

RestoreIT 7 is a powerful data recovery utility that automatically backs up all files on a computer to a protected partition of the hard drive. In case of a data disaster, users can quickly roll back and entire system to known good point, or they can browse for saved versions of personal files in any number of incremental backup points. System recovery overwrites every file on a hard drive to a static backup point, while file-level allows users to restore only the files and folders they want, leaving other files on a system untouched. RestoreIT loads before Windows and RestoreIT will launch even when Windows does not boot.

About VirtualDrive 10

VirtualDrive offers an easy way to access and manage their CD-DVD collections. Users create virtual CDs, or images of their CDs and DVDs, then click on them to load them into any one of up to 23 virtual CD-DVD drives that the software creates. Physical disc are no longer needed for disc-based application play, sparing CD-DVD collections from theft or damage. A virtual CD has access rates up to 200 times faster than a physical disc a CD-ROM drive.

About Plextor

Plextor is a leading international manufacturer of extremely reliable, high quality recording equipment and was also one of the pioneers of CD technology. Beginning with its parent company, Shinano Kenshi Co. Japan, Plextor a 90-year tradition developing and manufacturing advanced hardware and electronic precision equipment. Plextor has head offices in Japan, Europe and the United States; the company sells its products primarity through a network of specialised computer dealers. Plextor Europe is based in Brussels and is responsible for sales, marketing, and technical support in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Recently, Plextor has introduced several award-winning products, including CD-DVD-ROM drives, CD-DVD recordable drives, CD-DVD media and USB Flash Memory Drives (PlexFlash).

About FarStone

Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology is a leading developer of PC and network-based system recovery solutions and a provider of digital content security, replication and management utilities. FarStone is an ISO 9001 certified software publisher holding multiple technology patents. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., the company licenses its software to corporations, small businesses, educational institutions and consumers worldwide. FarStone’s global technology partners include Intel, Phoenix Technologies, Trend Micro, InterVideo, Authentium, Fujitsu, and HiNet, Taiwan.

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