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FarStone DriveClone for Linux v11 Released - A Time & Money Saver for Linux Server Migration and System Cloning

The release of FarStone's DriveClone Linux v11 offers fast, reliable, and time saving solution for upgrading & migrating Linux servers, disks, SSDs, and Raids.

Irvine, CA. Feb 27, 2015

DriveClone Linux

Fast, reliable, and time saving solution for migrating Linux servers

DriveClone Raid cloning

FarStone today presents a drive cloning solution for Linux server users. Farstone's DriveClone Linux (http://www.farstone.com/software/drive-clone-linux.php) allows users to easily migrate their Linux server to a new faster server or raid.

DriveClone is a PC server, hard disk (HDD), and solid state drive (SSD) cloning and migration software. "Upgrading a Linux server to new storages is a time consuming and risky task. Many system administrators hesitate on upgrading." said Peter Lin, Product Manager, Data Protection and Recovery. "Hundreds and thousands of files on the server have made the migration difficult. With FarStone DriveClone Linux server, users can be assured that all their data are safely transferred to the new storage or server without having to deal with the exuberating migrating process."

"DriveClone Linux will not only clone all files on the Linux system, it also automatically defrags files, resizes partitions, and clone Linux system information. The cloned disk will execute exactly like the way your original disk was with more efficient hardware."

DriveClone Linux 11 Main Features:

  • Clone/migrate the whole Linux to a new PC, Disk, SSD, or RAID
  • Clone Linux, Disks, SSDs and Partitions
  • Clone to bigger or smaller disks & SSDs
  • Auto resize, extend, or shrink target disk partitions' sizes
  • Comprehensive X Windows UI
  • Support GPT hard drives and UEFI motherboards
  • Support for all Linux file systems, including Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 and VFAT

Pricing and availability:

DriveClone Linux Server listed $195 and is immediately available on FarStone web site. A full version trial can be downloaded from the product web page.

DriveClone for Windows Server

In addition to DriveClone Linux, FarStone offers DriveClone Server for migrating Windows servers.

DriveClone Free

FarStone also offers a free edition for home users to easily upgrade their computers, hard disks, and SSDs.

About FarStone Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1993, FarStone Technology, Inc. is a pioneer ISO-9001 certified PC & server backup software company. With headquarters in California, USA, this private company specializes in PC backup & recovery, Windows & Linux server backup. FarStone's global technology partners include Intel, AOL, Asus, Phoenix Technologies, Trend Micro, and MSI.

Contacting FarStone Technology, Inc.

Media Contact:

Peter Lin

Product Manager



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