DriveClone Linux

DriveClone for Linux Server v11.1

Fast, reliable, and time saving solution for migrating Linux servers


  • Precisely Clone Linux Systems in One-Click
  • Clone Bigger, Smaller, Disks, Raids, and SSDs
  • Comprehensive X Windows UI


DriveClone Linux is the only solution for cloning & migrating Linux servers

DriveClone Linux v11 offers fast, reliable, and time saving solution for upgrading & migrating Linux servers, disks, SSD, and Raids.

DriveClone Linux can rapidly clone your current Linux systems to another hard drive or RAID device. It will save you time & money, by precisely cloning your hard drive to a bigger, smaller or more powerful disk and SSD. All you need to do is to connect the target disk to your Linux system directly or via an USB external hard drive, and click a "Start" button of DriveClone Linux.

Reliable & Rapid Cloning
"DriveClone Linux will not only cloning all files on the Linux sytem, it also automatically defrags all files, resizes partitions, and clone Linux system information. The cloned disk will execute exactly like the way your original disk was. "

Key Features of DriveClone Linux V11.1 (2015 edition)

  • Clone the whole disk or partition
  • Migrate hard disk to SSD
  • Clone to bigger or smaller disks & SSDs
  • Auto resize target disk partitions sizes
  • Support RAID
  • Support disk cloning with commands
  • Support X Windows UI
  • Support GPT hard drives and UEFI motherboards
  • Support EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, NTFS, FAT32, Raiser 3 and Raiser

Raid Cloning

Cloning system without interrupting the operation of your Linux system .

rescue data booting from USB flash rescue data booting from USB flash

Raid Cloning will save you time & money.

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System Requirements

  • Pentium or compatible PC
  • 1 GB RAM
  • CD-RW drive for rescue CD creating
  • GTK lib
  • Support the most popular versions of Fedora, RedHat CentOS, Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Mandriva